All You Need to Know About Canada Express Entry – 2023

The  Canadian Immigration program, known as the “Canada Express Entry Program” was brought into effect in January 2015 with  an aim to achieve the Canadian Immigration goals and effectively address the skilled labour shortages in the country. The Express Entry program is run by the Canadian government and under the program Invitation to Apply are issued to eligible skilled individuals who aspire to migrate to Canada.

 Canada Express Entry - 2023
Canada Express Entry – 2023

What Is The Canada Express Entry Program?

Express Entry is a non-biased, point-based system that helps the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) to identify and select skilled immigration candidates who have the capability to establish themselves economically in Canada. Those who wish to migrate to Canada through Express Entry must first create an Express Entry profile. It is one of the fastest and simplest pathways for skilled workers to migrate to Canada

How Does  Canada Express Entry System Work?

  • The applicant who wishes to migrate to Canada should initially create an Express Entry profile.
  • The applicant’s profile will be assessed on the basis of various human capital factors and awarded a Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score out of 1200.
  • Those with the highest CRS scores will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada in the Express Entry draws that are conducted regularly.
  • On applying for Permanent Residence, your application will be processed within a minimum duration of 6 months.

Which Immigration Programs Does Canada Express Entry System Support?

Applicants who wish to migrate to Canada can make use of the Express Entry system provided they are eligible to under one of the following economic immigration programs of Canada:

  •  Federal Skilled Worker Program: The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is for foreign workers who have the skills and work experience as well as meet other eligibility requirements.
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program: The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for those candidates who are qualified in a skilled trade and want to migrate to Canada.
  • The Canadian Experience Class: Individuals who possess considerable skilled work experience in Canada can migrate under the Canadian Experience Class program.

What Are the Selection Factors under Canada Express Entry Program?

An applicant will be assessed on several factors before he/she is issued an Invitation to Apply. Comprehensive Ranking System is awarded to an applicant based on, but not limited to, the following factors

  • The applicant’s education level
  • Abilities in English & French (French is optional except for certain provinces)
  • The applicant’s experience & skills
  • A canadian job offer
  • Spouse’s education, language & work experience

How Are Applicants chosen for Permanent Residence under Canada Express Entry Program?

  • Once the applicant creates his/her profile, the profile becomes one among the thousands of profiles in the Express Entry pool.
  • The profile will be ranked on the basis of the CRS score
  • Those with the highest CRS score points will be invited in the Express Entry draws that are conducted regularly
  • The higher the CRS score, the better the chances for receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Other Important Information about the Canada Express Entry System

  • CRS scores are considered as a prime factor in the Express Entry system. An applicant should have a high CRS score if he/she wants to get selected.
  • A valid job offer from a Canadian employer or a nomination from a province will increase the CRS points and can help the applicant receive an ITA quite easily. However, a job offer is not mandatory to receive an invitation.
  • Applicants can update their Express Entry profile every now and then , adding new educational qualifications, improved language scores or increased work experience, which would raise their chances of receiving an ITA.
  • The Express Entry Draws are normally conducted every two weeks which means applicants have abundant chances to receive an ITA if they have not been selected to
  •  Applicants can submit a profile under the Express Entry Program during any time of the year.

The Canadian Express Entry Program has proved to be a worthy initiative of the Canadian government for processing skilled worker applications in a fast and simple manner. The efficient functioning and quick processing of the system promises the applicants quick and definite results, and this makes it a reliable way for skilled workers to migrate to Canada.

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